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Marking Life

“Marking Life” combines six storylines that run concurrently over a period of twenty-four hours. They are seemingly unconnected until a single moment in time brings them all together. The six storylines include:

  • Joseph and Lisa, travelling salespeople who learn that their flights to Los Angeles have been postponed for 24 hours.  Lisa is a high-flying IT scout, while Joseph is a struggling salesman. Away from their families and stuck in Melbourne, they develop a relationship based on their mutual personal battles.

  • Matt and Belinda, a couple who are set to be married in 24 hours.  While Belinda is getting everything she ever wanted, Matt is developing cold feet and starting to question the whole event.

  • Sonya and Jessie, mother and daughter, have 24 hours to spend together. After a messy divorce, Sonya has custody of Jessie for only one day a week, and is determined to make it the best day possible, even if Jessie doesn’t want to be there at all.

  • Steve is 24 hours away from finding out that something is seriously wrong with him.  He’s going to live it up, regardless of what the doctors say!

  • Trevor and Kiralee, a husband and wife expecting their first child, due in 24 hours.  And the baby is determined to be on time! 

  • A person who is desperately trying to get some sleep.


We follow each of these stories, learning about the characters, their motives, their successes and failures, until a shared moment of synchronicity forces them together to face the meaning of a single day

Show Details


2 acts, 90 minutes

10 Leads (5F, 5M), supporting roles and ensemble
20 Songs

Themes: stages of life, relationships, 24 hours, intersecting lives

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