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Westall '66: The Musical

April 6th, 1966. It is just another ordinary school day at Westall State School.  Mr

Forester stands in front of his class, teaching the lessons of the day.

When suddenly, everything changes.

A student runs into the class; panicked, excited and fearful. The class is thrown into turmoil, and Mr Forester desperately tries to calm them down. He demands that the student explain the disturbance.

“There’s flying saucers on the oval...”

Based on the true events from Melbourne's own history, this new musical explores the events as they were reported, and asks of the audience one question: What do you believe?

Show Details


1 act, 60 minutes

8 Leads, large ensemble

16 Songs 

Themes: friendship, science fiction, self-belief, history, conspiracy

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