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Utopia 2516

It is the year 2516 and the planet Earth is perfect harmony - there is no hate, no greed, no war. However, something else has been taken from the people; love. In fact, the entire population is emotionless. Only the Four Rulers have any desire at all.

Every year, as children turn into teenagers, they are inducted into the general population through a process called “The Changing”. And every year, as they complete The Changing, they are stripped of their emotions.

However, this year, one girl by the name of Meiloni has hidden from The Changing, and begins to question all that they have come to know. Only she will discover the dark secrets kept by the Four Rulers, and only she has a chance to learn the truth. 

Show Details


2 acts, 80 minutes

8 Leads, large ensemble with speaking roles

16 Songs 

Themes: emotions, the future, apathy, subjugation, freedom, growing up 

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