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The Impossible Princess

“The Impossible Princess” is loosely based on the fairytale of “The Princess and the Pea” - but with a variety of new additions and twists!

Prince Lorenzo is being forced into marriage by his mother, Queen Hilary. Yet, after presenting hundreds of eligible princesses before him, Lorenzo is unable to choose one to be his wife. Mum the Queen is furious. Why marry for love when you can marry for money?

One dark and stormy night, there's a knock on the palace door to reveal a young woman by the name of Melody.  Lorenzo is immediately smitten by her, but Queen Hilary smells a rat and enlists the rogue Malnormus to test Melody out.  

Will Queen Hilary get her way or will true love win the day?

Show Details


2 acts, 90 minutes

5 Leads (3F, 2M), supporting roles and large ensemble
20 Songs

Themes: fairy tales, romance, comedy, scheming, deception.

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