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The Fall Of Atlantis

Zeus, god of all creation, is to award his homeland of Atlantis to one of the lesser Gods. He chooses his brother Poseidon, god of the sea, but Athena (goddess of war) vows vengeance.  He is her celestial enemy, and she feel wronged that Zeus has award him god of sea ... and now land.

On Atlantis, Posiedon watches over his people, but he longs for even  more power. He chooses a mortal woman, Cleito, to bear ten children. Poseidon crowns his eldest, Tyreni, future king.

However, Tyreni knows that he is not like his father. He longs for something more, and remembers a time when, as a child, he made a wish to the goddess Aphrodite to find love and peace. But the love Tyreni finds is in Athena ... and that can only lead to one thing.


Show Details


2 acts, 75 minutes

4 Leads (2F, 2M), 4 supporting roles (2F, 2M) with large ensemble
22 Songs (through sung)

Themes: mythology, revenge, love, conflict.

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