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Once Upon A Fairytale Crisis

When a thunderstorm causes the power to be cut, siblings Matthew and Jessie are at a loss as to how to occupy themselves.  Mum suggest that they read a book, but they're less than impressed at that idea.

Forced to open a book of fairytales, the two are transported into the world of the book.  There they meet with the Fairytale Princess who tells them that something bad is happening - all of the fairytale creatures are slowly disappearing!  Further, they have no idea why.  

However, the evil Dr Tekko knows why and has hatched a plan to invade the real world with technology.  One the children forget the stories of the fairytale creatures, he will be able to take over the real world!

Show Details


2 acts, 70 minutes

4 Leads, various supporting roles, extra large ensemble

16 Songs 

Themes: literacy, books, fairytales, technology, heroism, 

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