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Galactic Idol

The search is on for the one true Galactic Idol! The SS Superstar, led by Captain Firestorm, is journeying from star to star to find the best singers of all time, along with her trusted crew and her young cousin Tabitha.

However, Firestorm is dubious as to Peter Simmonsʼ (the producer of Galactic Idol) motives for creating the show. Her fears are soon realised as the idol finalists start to disappear, and Simmonsʼ lies are exposed.


All this is played out in front of a live intergalactic audience, who are getting more than they bargained for! 

Show Details


2 acts, 65 minutes

4 Leads, 6 Supporting roles, plus large ensemble
18 Songs

Themes: competition, outer space, loyalty, teamwork, fame.

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