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Erratically Epic

Jackson Payne is the clumsiest, klutziest, blumbling-est kid in the school, but he's determined to get the lead role in the school play.

Cue chaos, as it's lights, camera, action for the clumsiest hero ever! He ruins auditions, breaks props, falls into his principal's lap and squishes preppies.  

Can Jackson find his way back on the stage, save the play, win the heart of Teegan Wentworth, and convince his sister he's not a complete loser?

Anything can happen - and will!

Show Details


2 acts, 80 minutes

7 Leads (4F, 3M), 8 Supporting Leads (6F, 2M), large ensemble with solos.
18 Songs

Themes: friendship, determination, humour, family, overcoming obstacles.

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