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Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams - The Musical is based on the classic 1984 film Electric Dreams, created by Rusty Lemorande.  As such, the musical will stick pretty close to the original storyline, with a few extra new twists and turns!  

Rather than give every moment away, here's the synopsis from

"Dweebish architect Miles Harding is hopelessly in love with neighboring musician Madeline. He soon learns that Madeline already has an ardent suitor: Harding's own computer! When the electronic device, nicknamed Edgar, begins composing love songs dedicated to Madeline, Harding passes the tunes off as his own. At this point, the envious Edgar really goes to town, taking over all the electrical appliances in Harding's house--and dangerously meddling in its owner's life."

- (C)

The stage adaptation features new twists and turns, including more active roles for the characters of Frank (Miles' best friend), Millie (Madeline's friend and confidant) and Bill (the heart throb of the orchestra).  

Electric Dreams: The Musical also features a rousing 80's pop/rock score with more than 20 songs!

Show Details


2 acts, 100 minutes

7 Leads (3M, 3F, 1AI!), with ensemble and supporting roles

23 Songs 

Themes: 1980's, technology, relationships, romance, retro, feel-good

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