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Set in 1986, Disconnected follows the story of Sam, an 11 year old girl who is struggle with the recent loss of her mother.  Now she has to also live with her father, a man who she hardly knows.

For her birthday, Sam’s dad gives her an old CB radio, and Sam begins to discover a wider world that is “on the air”.  She meets another older girl by the name of Heather and they strike up a friendship.

But there’s also rumblings of discontent in the Sam’s hometown of Middleton: the mayor is threatening to divide the town in two - with a wall.   Soon, Sam’s world is once again thrown into chaos as she discovered that everyone has a secret, and no one is truly what they seem.

Show Details


2 acts, 75 minutes

7 Leads (4F, 3M) plus large ensemble
16 Songs

Themes: loss, friendship, family, separation, unity, understanding, the 80's.

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