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Sarah "Almost" Jones is a girl who doesn't fit in.  She has moved from town to town, and has finally settled into a new school, but has only made one friend, Casey.  Sarah longs to be famous like her idol Indiana Jones, and when the boys from her class start disappearing after playing one particular computer game, she sees it as a chance to prove herself.

Soon Sarah, Casey, and a tagger-along Wormwood find themselves thrust into the digital domain where Namco, Sierra and Atari rule by playing classic computer games.  In order to set the boys free, Sarah must face her own demons, learn to trust another game (Pong), and ultimately fight her way through three set battles.

Digitized is packed with powerful rock and pop/dance tracks, and recalls classic games such as Pac Man, Frogger and Space Invaders.  A visual spectacular with a message of self-believe, this is one music set to entertain!

Show Details


2 acts, 75 minutes

7 Leads (5F, 2M) plus large ensemble with solo and feature lines
17 Songs

Themes: gaming, mystery, perseverance, unity, courage, being yourself

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