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All Under One Roof

Belinda lives in a house with a lot of people. There’s her mum and dad, her brother and sister, her grandma and grandpa, the twins, her adopted siblings, plus the neighbours! And now, mum and dad have said that they want to add another baby to the household.

Things couldn’t possibly get any more crazy ... could they? As the whole family soon finds out, Life has its own plans for the household, and they’ll need to stick together to make it through the year.


All Under One Roof features music by renowned children’s composer, Andrew Chinn, with script by Drew Lane.  With songs spanning the entirety of Chinn’s career, this musical is perfect for a large cast. For more details on Andrew Chinn and his music, please visit

Show Details


2 acts, 80 minutes

11 Leads (7F, 4M) plus large ensemble
17 songs

Themes: family, faith, togetherness, growing, life events.

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