Somewhere To Fight For

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Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Children and Adult Roles 

Casting: 6 Leads (3M, 3F), Ensemble with speaking roles

1. Time Marches On
2. How Can You Love A Dump Like This?
3. This Is My Town
4. Money
5. Save A Town
6. What Have We Got?
7. Can't Trust The Enemy
8. Inside Job
9. Little By Little

10. The Word Is Out
11. It's All About You
12. I Never Thought It Would Be This Way
13. You Can Be Right
14. Burn It Down
15. The Fire
16. The Reprisals
17. Stand 

Running Time: 90 mins.

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The town of Wickliffe is on the verge of dying. But Kate, a young girl, dreams of making Wickliffe the town it once was. With the help of her friends - Jane, Wendy and Stuart - she comes up with a unique way to draw people back to the town. 

However, the local Mayor - Jessie Parker - is determined to make sure it doesn't happen. He wants his own town of Chatsworth to be the greater, and begins to scheme his way into Kate's confidence, with one purpose only: to bring Kate - and Wickliffe - crashing down… 

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