Three Days

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Type: Two Acts. Throughsung Musical

Age: Adult

Casting: Large Ensemble-based cast: all are required to sing.  Many large supporting roles.

1. Prologue
2. What Do We Do Now?
3. Successful Operation
4. Three Years Ago
5. He Used To Make Me Smile
6. Hiding/Too Many Questions
7. Quick Panic/A Stern Word
8. The Hardest Thing To Do
9. Even You
10. There Was A Man
11. You Must Be Pleased
12. Eye on The Situation
13. Too Many Questions (Reprise)
14. Funeral Song
15. Rude Interruption
16. Bittersweet Good Bye

17. Roll Of The Dice
18. I’d Rather Take The Cross
19. Shine Down On Me
20. Have You Heard
21. Deny
22. Patience
23. Pilate’s Rebuke
24. If You Were Here
25. The Visitation
26. Accusations
27. Hallelujah!

Running Time: 90 mins.

Download: 2 Songs (Deny/If You Were Here)

Watch: "Three Days" Promo Video

Jesus Christ is dead.

Hanging lifeless on the cross, his disciples and friends mourn, while the Chief Priests celebrate their victory over another troublemaker. But Caiaphas is wary. Things are not settling as they should.

The disciples are in disarray - arguing and fighting, wondering what went wrong. The women remember better times.

And Judas cannot bring himself to live any longer.

Yet, the head centurion wonders if everything he was told was the truth. He begins a search for his own truth, not only turning against his own army, but also against his leaders.

And there is a whisper of dissent amongst the closest of Caiaphas’ friends, including Pilate himself. Will this simple carpenter’s son actually rise again from the grave?

While the guards gamble for the clothes of the Christ... While the Chief Priests plan to squash the disciples... While Pilate searches his heart for justification...

... The voice of light is gaining strength …

... And in three days, the world will know the truth 

© Drew Lane 2018