Marking Life



Type: Two Act. Script with Songs

Age: Adults

Casting: Ensemble with speaking roles

1. Circular Motion
2. Honey What's Wrong?
3. I Have A Secret
4. Do It All
5. Simple Life
6. Sleepless In Seattle
7. Free To Fly
8. Where My Heart Lies For Me
9. Let The Night Take Control
10. I Miss The Innocence
11. Tell Me
12. Finale Act One

13. Entr’acte
14. Am I Ready
15. It's Not Me It's You
16. Living Separate Lives
17. I Miss The Innocence (Reprise)
18. More To Life
19. Everything Changes
20. Too Late/Finale.

Running Time: 90 mins.

Download: Marking Life Song Mix

Watch: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

“Marking Life” combines five storylines that run concurrently over a period of twenty-four hours. They are seemingly unconnected until a single moment in time brings them all together.

The five storylines include:

  • Joseph and Lisa, travelling salespeople who learn that their flights to Los Angeles have been postponed for 24 hours.  Lisa is a high-flying IT scout, while Joseph is a struggling salesman. Away from their families and stuck in Melbourne, they develop a relationship based on their mutual personal battles.
  • Matt and Belinda, a couple who are set to be married in 24 hours.  While Belinda is getting everything she ever wanted, Matt is developing cold feet and starting to question the whole event.
  • Sonya and Jessie, mother and daughter, have 24 hours to spend together. After a messy divorce, Sonya has custody of Jessie for only one day a week, and is determined to make it the best day possible, even if Jessie doesn’t want to be there at all.
  • Steve is 24 hours away from finding out that something is seriously wrong with him.  He’s going to live it up, regardless of what the doctors say!
  • Trevor and Kiralee, a husband and wife expecting their first child, due in 24 hours.  And the baby is determined to be on time! 

We follow each of these stories, learning about the characters, their motives, their successes and failures, until a shared moment of syncronicity forces them together to face the meaning of a single day.

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