Final Words

Final Words Poster (2015)


Type: One Act (Short Musical)

Age: Adults

Casting: 5 Adults (3M, 2F)

1. Good Man
2. Wedded Bliss
3. Little Black Dress
4. Didn’t Know Jack
5. Nothing To Me
6. Good Man (Reprise) 

Running Time: 15 mins.

Premiered: June 4-14, 2015 @ Albuquerque, NM, USA with Fusion Theatre Co.

Awards: Winning entry in The Seven “Unfinished Business”, 2015.

Matthew James Langford the 3rd has died.  And standing in his lawyer’s office are those who have been named in his will:

- his wife
- his secretary
- his business partner

Each of them are keeping a secret from each other, but each are about to be revealed through the reading of the will.

But one more twist - the greatest of the them all - will leave each of those gathered questioning their own motives.

FINAL WORDS was first produced by the FUSION Theatre Company ( as a winning entry in their annual original short works festival, “The Seven”, June 4th-14th  2015 at The Cell Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Festival Producer:  Dennis Gromelski. Festival Curator:  Jen Grigg.  Directed by Robb Anthony Sisneros. Lighting and Scenic Design by Richard Hogle.  Sound Design by Brent Stevens.  Costume Design by Kristina Kassouf.  Properties Design by Robyn Phillips.  Production Stage Manager:  Maria Lee Schmidt.  The cast was as follows:

THE LAWYER……………  Neil Faulconbridge

JACK………………………...  J. Mark Danley

DEAN……………………….. Kelvin Krupiak

MADELINE……………….  Laura Nuzum

LOUISE…………..………..   Julia Parma


"The quality is high throughout, making it impossible to discuss which plays were stronger than others. So I'll just name some personal favorites. Final Words, with book, music, and lyrics by Drew Lane, and direction by Robb Anthony Sisneros, provides a twist on the one-act—it's a musical. The songs are lovely—as is the short plot about the reading of a will. The performance by Julia Parma as the deceased's trollop Louise is worth the price of the whole show.” - Rob Spiegel, (

"Act one concludes with a droll musical called “Final Words.” The singing was uneven and sometimes lacked vocal energy, but the show was so funny I doubt anyone cared. The piece was well directed by Robb Anthony Sisneros, and an ingenious way to close the act.” - Mattew Yde, Albuquerque Journal 8/6/15.

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