Final Words

Final Words Poster (2015)


Type: One Act (Short Musical)

Age: Adults

Casting: 5 Adults (3M, 2F)

1. Good Man
2. Wedded Bliss
3. Little Black Dress
4. Didn’t Know Jack
5. Nothing To Me
6. Good Man (Reprise) 

Running Time: 12 mins.

Premiered: June 4-14, 2015 @ Albuquerque, NM, USA with Fusion Theatre Co.

Awards: Winning entry in The Seven “Unfinished Business”, 2015.

Matthew James Langford the 3rd has died.  And standing in his lawyer’s office are those who have been named in his will:

- his wife
- his secretary
- his business partner

Each of them are keeping a secret from each other, but each are about to be revealed through the reading of the will.

But one more twist - the greatest of the them all - will leave each of those gathered questioning their own motives.

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