Cafe Latte

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Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Adults

Casting: 8 Lead Roles (4M, 4F)

1. Prologue/It's A Living
2. Does He Like Me?
3. A Man Is What I Need
4. Nobody's Good Enough For Me
5. Impotent
6. Meet Me 2Nite
7. I Wanna Be A Hero
8. Love (That's All They Talk About)
9. Still Get Paid

10. Order Up!
11. In These Arms
12. Take A Chance
13. Don’t
14. Something To Lose
15. Finale.

Running Time: 90 mins.

Download: Cafe Latte Song Mix

Watch: Act One, Act Two

Set in a cafe somewhere in a big city, Cafe Latte tells the story of the owner and his employees, and the events of one night.

Dave is the proprietor of the diner, and acts as a father figure to his misfit staff. Thereʼs Kelly, the gay guy whoʼll chat up anything with three legs; Melinda, the bi-sexual tramp who has a very innocent little secret; Joanne, a struggling mother who has the hots for the boss; Samantha, a high-school drop out whoʼs been sleeping around with one of the other employeeʼs partner; and John, a wanna-be Jimi Hendrix who keeps setting fire to his local clubʼs stage...

In one night their lives are exposed and transformed. Insecurities are spilled out, and the tough exterior that everyone hides behind is shattered. This is a place where anything goes, nothing is sacred or secret, and the politically incorrect is completely normal! 

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