The Tree Of Life



Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary

Casting: 10 Leads (5F 5M), Large Ensemble with Solo and Feature lines

1. Song Of Our Spirit
2. Ready Now
3. Tomorrow Is Yesterday
4. Stranger In The Tribe
5. Mwanga Mkali (Glow Brightly)
6. Mother Doesn’t Know Everything
7. Loyalty
8. So Many Questions
9. You Will Not

10. Home
11. This Is Who I Am
12. As You Go
13. Mother Doesn’t Know (Reprise)
14. There Is Hope After Life
15. Ibada (The Ritual)
16. We Belong

Running Time: 75 mins.

Deep in the jungle is a tribe of people who exist in harmony with the nature around them.  Kawana, the Queen, rules her tribe peacefully, while teaching her daughter, Princess Konane, about the ways of her people, and the mystical Tree Of Life.  However, Konane is not content to simply learn: she believes she is ready to been Queen.  One day, a stranger stumbles into the village and collapses.  He is unknown to the tribe, yet Queen Kawana’s reaction reveals that all is not right with the stranger.

© Drew Lane 2018