The Odyssey



Type: Two Acts. Through-Sung

Age: Upper Secondary

Casting: 5 Leads. Large ensemble.

1. Prologue
2. Creatures Of The Night
3. Segue
4. I Am All I Am Everything
5. A Deal With The Devil
6. Listen
7. I Believe
8. Remember Alone
9. Terms of Endearment
10. I Know You
11. Soliloquy
12. The Urchins,
13. Above Under
14. Reality Check
15. Confrontation
16. Someone After All

17. What Were We Born For?
18. Slaved Perfection
19. Passed From Father To Son
20. Chance To Be Free
21. Hunting Vermin
22. Nothing But A Lie
23. Truth
24. Don't Say Good Bye
25. Now Or Never
26. Broken Alliances
27. Fight For Tomorrow (Rise Up)
28. Onslaught
29. Finale.

Running Time: 100 mins.

Download: Odyssey 8 Song Mix

“The Odyssey” opens with the Prologue, proclaiming the headlines of today, from natural disasters to resources shortage. Suddenly, something goes horribly wrong, and something new emerges.

Jump ahead 300 years and humanity have been reduced to being Creatures Of The Night, scavenging for food beneath a burning sun just to survive. Endora pleads with her companions to believe in the prophecy of the “Chosen One”, a person who will save them lead them to a new world. Her fellow humans tell her that the tale is a lie, and to forget about it. Just as they are about to leave, Raffere and his minions pounce and capture the humans, proclaiming “I Am All, I Am Everything”. Raffere systematically murders each human, saving only a few for slavery. He moves to kill Carlo, Endora’s son, but she interjects, stopping Raffere. He confronts her but, with the insistence of his father, forces Endora to make A Deal With The Devil; Carlo stays alive, but Endora is to be traded in his place, as a slave. Endora is led off to the caverns by Raffere, but before she leaves, she calls to Carlo to Listen and remember the story of the Chosen One. “I Believe” says Endora, and Carlo does as well. Shortly, Carlo is left to Remember Alone; trying to hold onto all that his mother has told him.

In the cavern below, Raffere and his father argue, not using any Terms Of Endearment. Never before has Raffere had his decisions challenged, and his father has left him with a human woman who has stood up to him. They argue, questioning each other’s loyalty. Once his father leaves, Raffere turns to Endora and vents his anger at her. “I Know You” says Endora, but Raffere retaliates, saying that he knows her as well.

We return to Carlo, and he meets The Urchins, children just like him. They have been watching, and then introduce him to who they are, and the land they inhabit, Above Under. Finding new friends, Carlo does a Reality Check, and tells the Urchins that they have to believe in the prophecy of the Chosen One. They are unsure at first, until a man comes on the scene – the Hero, the Urchins believe. They celebrate, even though the new “hero” is very unsure. Raffere, having heard all the noise, breaks up the party and the first Confrontation takes place. The “hero” is beaten by Raffere, and the Urchins are left distraught. They turn on the “hero”, and Carlo’s hope is destroyed. Left alone, the hero contemplates what has just happened, and then decides that he can be Someone After All.

In a huge underground cavern, we see humans slaving away, crying out for a reason for What Were We Born For? Raffere mocks them, enjoying their struggle to work and simply survive under his rule. He speaks to his father, citing has his rule is Slaved Perfection. Once again, his father disagrees, and forces Raffere to allow the humans to rest, but only for an hour. He resigns, and the humans collapse. Endora sees this as a Chance To Be Free, and rallies a small group of people to escape; someone has done it before, and they can do it now. Endora and her small troop run, and Raffere sends his soldiers (along with his father) after them, Hunting Vermin. The Ratfather and the soldiers corner the humans on the surface, and the father grabs Endora for himself, while the soldiers kill the other humans. Beating Endora senseless, he says that he will not kill her, but let her die. She collapses.

The Urchins enter saying that the hero was Nothing But A Lie. Endora hears the voice of her son, Carlo, and calls weakly to him. The hero also hears the voices. There is a brief standoff, before Endora tells Carlo the Truth; that the hero, Mark, is his father. She asks Carlo to love him as she loved her son, before she dies. Carlo and Mark embrace. Mark reaches down to Endora and kisses her softly, and finds resolve to return to the caverns and to lead the other humans to safety

Back in the caverns, Mark and the Urchins rally the humans to Rise Up! (Fight For Tomorrow), and battle against Raffere and his followers. Raffere, having heard all the commotion orders his soldiers to attack the human uprising in an Onslaught. A mighty war ensues in which the Raffere kills his father, and then Mark kills Raffere. The humans become victorious in the war and they are lead to the surface and a new chance of life (I Believe- Reprise)

© Drew Lane 2018