The Impossible Princess

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Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Upper Secondary, Adults

Casting: 5 Leads, Supporting Cast and Ensemble

1. Prologue: The Kingdom
2. Once Upon A Time
3. Bride To Be
4. All The Money In The World
5. Gluttony
6. Never Be Lonely Again
7. Searched High And Low
8. Who Is She?
9. Searched High And Low (Reprise)
10. Dear Papa
11. Love At First Fight
12. The Girl Can't Be

13. My Name Is Malnormus!
14. The Malnormus Reprise
15. Forever
16. Cheating's Not Wrong (If You Don't Get Caught)
17. Testing Times
18. I'll Write A Book (And Tell My Story)
19. The Royal Wedding
20. Happy Ever After

Running Time: 90 mins.

Download: Impossible Princess Song Mix

Watch: Act One, Act Two

“The Impossible Princess” is loosely based on the fairytale of “The Princess and the Pea” - but with a variety of new additions and twists!

Prince Lorenzo is being forced into marriage by his mother, Queen Hilary. Yet, after presenting hundreds of eligible princesses before him, Lorenzo is unable to choose one to be his wife. Mum the Queen is furious. Why marry for love when you can marry for money?

Hilary calls on her underground servant, the feral Malnormus, who has been gathering the princesses. He is also in it for the money, and the Queen has promised him his just deserves once Lorenzo is married.

On a stormy night, whilst the King, Queen and Lorenzo are seated at the dinner table, there is a knock on the royal door. Lorenzo opens it to discover a young woman, drenched to the bone, looking for shelter. Much to the Queen's chagrin, Melody is granted entry and allowed to stay the night. Lorenzo is smitten, and confesses to his father, King Darien that he has fallen in love with her. 

Darien, although shocked, agrees that if it true love, then they will be married. However, the Queen is convinced that Melody is nothing more than a street rat, and challenges the king (as she often does!). It is decided to test Melody to see if she is worthy of being a princess.

Queen Hilary and Malnormus begin to plot and scheme tests to catch Melody out. Meanwhile, Melody and Lorenzo confess their love, but Melody is soon upset from overhearing the Queen plot against her.  With the tests soon to begin, the servants decide to help Melody and Lorenzo out.  The tests are tough and arduous, but time after time (with a little help on the side), Melody is able to pass them.

The Queen is furious! She calls on Malnormus and informs him of once final test that is sure to prove that Melody is not a princess. In the light of the night, the Queen beckons Melody to a special room for her final rest before the announcement of her engagement to Lorenzo. The room holds a large bed, with mattresses piled high. Secretly, she has place a pea under the mattresses. The Queen and Malnormus are assured of success ... Or are they...?

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