A Different Normal



Type: Two Acts. Script with Songs

Age: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary

Casting: 8 Leads (5F 3M), Large Ensemble with Solo and Feature lines

1. Perfect
2. The Future’s Waiting For Me
3. Another Faded Princess
4. To The Test
5. Time Of Change
6. You’re Not One Of Us
7. Reflections In A Shattered Mirror
8. An Imperfect Reprise
9. Rise Up
10. Get Up Stay Down

11. Social Network
12. Standing By
13. Inside Information
14. We Are Enough
15. I Am More Than
16. Finale

Running Time: 75 mins.

Terri seems to have it all - the perfect life, the perfect friends, the perfect everything.  But after a serious accident, everything that seemed perfect completely disappears, and suddenly she’s alone.  Now Terri has to rely on her geekish brother, and a set of visitors that only she can see, to try and come to grips with all that has happened.  Now, she has to discover a different normal.

© Drew Lane 2018