Questions For God


Type: One Act

Age: Junior Primary

Casting: 4 Leads (interchangable and expandable), Large Cast

1. Prologue/Hey God!
2. Sunday School (Is Not So Cool)
3. The Animal Song
4. I Like The Way God Made Me
5. Team For God
6. Thank You For My Baby Brother (But What I Wanted Was A Unicorn)
7. Our Father

Running Time: 30 mins.

Preview and Purchase: Preview the songs on iTunes.

Questions for God Poster jpg

What are the questions that kids would ask if they could talk to God?

This delightful little junior musical explores that very question!  Tailor made for ages 5-8, Questions For God features short scenes, upbeat and catchy songs, a big dose of laughter, and even an appearance from the Man Upstairs Himself!

© Drew Lane 2018