Ah - we all like a freebie!  So, this section is where you'll be able to download exclusive remixes, random recordings and a few other things!  Stay tuned!

Freebie #1:  25th Sept, 2013 - MP3 Download From Questions For God

Who doesn't like a free song!  "Sunday School (Is Not So Cool)" is from Questions For God, and sets up the dispair the kids are feeling when stuck somewhere they don't want to be!  All you need to do is right click on the link below and choose "Save As …", and it's all yours to enjoy!

Download "Sunday School (Is Not So Cool)”

Freebie #2: 13th December 2013 - MP3 Download From The Christmas Secret

Merry Christmas!  And with Christmas comes a little gift for you - a sneak peak at one of two new songs written for The Christmas Secret.  This is a demo version of “Christmas Isn’t What It Used To Be” which I recorded to give to the cast to help them learn the track, and it is available exclusively here!  We will be making the full cast recording early next year, but you can grab this demo mp3 now! :)  Just right click, Save As …, and enjoy!

Download “Christmas Isn’t What It Used To Be (Demo)”

Freebie #3: 7th March 2014 - First Chapter Of Upcoming Novel “Somewhere To Fight For”

I am so excited that the novelisation of Somewhere To Fight For is almost ready for release!  As a special gift to you, here is the first chapter!  Based on the musical of the same name, the youth novel follows Kate, a plucky small town girl, who is determined to bring her hometown of Wickliffe back to life.  To download the PDF of the first Chapter, simply right click, Save As …, and read on!

Download Chapter 1 of “Somewhere To Fight For” Novel

Freebie #4: 22nd June 2014 - MP3 Download from Dreamchaser

More free music!  This time it’s from my latest junior primary musical called Dreamchaser, literally hot off the recording system and even before iTunes release!  The song is called “Awake” and is the finale to the show.  It’s a happy, upbeat track and has heaps of energy!  To save, just right click, choose “Save As …” and download.  It’s all yours!

Download “Awake”

Freebie #5: 18th October 2014 - MP3 Download from The Toy Nativity

It’s that time of the year when I’ve started working on a new Christmas mini-musical, and I’m giving you an exclusive sneak-peak to one of the brand new tracks!  This song is called “Christmas Doesn’t Mean A Thing To Me” and is sung by a toymaker who doesn’t believe in the magic of Christmas.  It’s up to his toys to show him!  This is an exclusive demo for you all to enjoy!  To save, just right click, choose “Save As …” and download, and voila!  It’s yours!

Download “Christmas Doesn’t Mean A Thing To Me (Demo)”

Freebie #6: 16th July 2015 - MP3 Demo and Sheet Music from Final Words

To celebrate Final Words being chosen as part of Fusion’s “The Seven” short works festival, I thought I’d offer a free demo mp3 that I created as part of my entry!  “Didn't Know Jack" is one of my favourite songs from the show and brought the house down  when performed live!  For the first time, I’m also offering the sheet music as a free giveaway for any one who wants to use the song as part of their audition rep! :)  How good is that?!  Enjoy the song and I hope to hear it out and about!

Download “Didn't Know Jack (Demo)” Mp3

Download “Didn't Know Jack” Sheet Music

Freebie #7: 19th November 2015 - MP3 Remix from Cafe Latte.

In 2009, my musical Cafe Latte took to the stage in its world premiere.  As part of the staging, the fabulous cast also created the cast recording.  CD’s were only able to be bought at the performance, and while I’m remixing the recording for release on iTunes, it’s not there yet.  However, there were two dance remixes made of two songs, and I’m giving away one here!  The song is called “Nobody’s Good Enough For Me”, and is sung by Anne Gasko.  So, download and enjoy!

Download “Nobody’s Good Enough For Me (Dance Remix)” MP3

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